Enyoying some of the bad weather

I think it is important to enjoy yourself even if the weather is bad and it is raining. After 5 days of rain we finally had a little bit of sunshine so we went in town to get some stuff for the boat and enjoy our self a bit. Since the sun was shining we bought some picnic and went for a walk. When we finally arrived at the water the sun was gone and the wind was blowing a fair bit.

With the weather going for cold we found a spot to have our picnic and soon was on our way again. We found a strange lookout building and Hanna decided to climb up on a strange looking wall so we followed and got down ok. Soon after climbing down Anders and I looked back and saw Hanna sitting down in a big pool of water after slipping on the wall. So with the not so nice weather this might have been a bit cold.

So we headed back to the city centre to find a place to warm up and finally found a place that were open and grabbed a beer and some coffee.  Almost every bar/cafe seem to close here for a few hours and open again later on. After this we decided for another beer at another place and found a nice looking pub with the bar packed with fruits and and drink mixing stuff. So after a deciding beer we grabbed some real nice drinks at last. So after this we were at least warm and the day was fairly good day after all.



Finally departure

Today it was finally time to leave Gothenburg and Sweden. After 2 weeks extra work we left Gothenburg at sunup today. With a lot of wind from the north west we headed for Anholt and Denmark. The trip went ok with some minor things to tend to.

Things lost: one surfboard

Things broken: one railing bent

Things leaking: The windows in the aft cabin and some diesel tanks.

We also had time to baptise Chibidarra in some nice russian champagne. But most of it went to Neptune.

//Chibidarra with crew at Anholt